The bottle

The rectangular bottle designed by Hedi Slimane for celine is in keeping with the great tradition of french glassmaking.

The bottle for the celine haute parfumerie collection is decorated on two sides with sharp-edged fluting and topped with a faceted black lacquered cap. An aesthetic inherited from late 17th century classicism, whose distinctive minimalism imbues the bottle with the modernity of art deco: spare, taut lines, a touch of black lacquer and transparent glass whose workmanship and amber-gold reflections highlight the nuances of each perfume.

The box is adorned in paper with a “grain de poudre” feel and embossing that recreates the effect of 17th century moldings. They are inspired by the woodwork paneling in the hôtel colbert de torcy where the celine ateliers are housed at 16, rue vivienne in paris.

The maison's emblem, the “triomphe” is engraved on the top of the cap. It was chosen by its founder, céline vipiana who, one day in 1971, saw her split initial c designed in the links cinching the “arc de triomphe”. It comes to complete this bottle's sense of belonging to the history of the couture house.